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Peel & Stick

PSA Essentials offers the only interchangeable self-inking personalized stamp. The Peel & Stick® technology, allows the design of every stamp to be interchangeable with any other PSA Essentials stamp die - a personalized die, a prepackaged design middle, a collegiate die -- ANY stamp design we offer. We're talking REAL interchangeability -- not a funky snap-on cartridge or plastic pieces you need to assemble with tweezers.

Our Peel & Stick® stamps use technology to stick, not an adhesive. You can leave them on the stamper for months (a year, forever!) and then just peel them right off.

Our stamp bodies are AWESOME! We use the finest luxury stamper. Our round stampers deliver the cleanest, clearest, crispest impressions on the market. And no lead or PVC in our stampers or polymer dies. They're clear. Super clear. Water clear. They won't get all yellow and yucky and curl up at the edges, either.

Each stamp comes standard with a black ink cartridge, and you may purchase additional ink in either a single color or in our new Award-Winning 2-Color combinations. Our colors are easy to replace and child-safe.

Our Embossers are changeable too.  Pick your favorite PSA Essentials design to add finesse to your stationery.  Then change the insert when you want a different look.